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A Self-Test For Warehouse Operation

1. Are You Utilizing Your Warehouse Space To The Maximum? (One Point For Each 1% Utilization- Note: Maximum Of 18 Points)
Ways To Measure Your Utilization:

- Length by width by height = Total cubic feet
- Calculate amount of space that can be utilized by cube
- Each slot type: Calculate slot cube by number of slots by 8-%
- Total slot cube divided by warehouse cubic feet equals =
2. Order Selecting Methods (Two Points For Each YES Answer- Note: Total Of 16 Points) *
 2-1 Are your orders broken into logical segments? 
 2-2 Is this item cube accurate? 
 2-3 Do you pick bulk by pallet 
 2-4 Do you use item cube to build pallets or fill tote boxes? 
 2-5 Is work available at the beginning of the shift? 
 2-6 Do you have work available through out the shift? 
 2-7 Do receiving shifts and picking shifts work different hours? 
 2-8 Do you have shift meetings at the beginningof a shift? 
3. Receiving Methods (Two Points For Each YES Answer- Note: Total 12 Points)
 3-1 Do your schedule inbound loads? 
 3-2 Are receiving work hours seperated from picking work hours? 
 3-3 Do you charge lumping fees for unloading outside trucks? 
 3-4 Are forklift operators assigned specific areas? 
 3-5 Is inbound product taken to the forklift operators area? 
 3-6 Can forklift operators make recommendations for slot changes? 
4. Slotting Methods (Three Points For Each YES Answer- Note: Total 9 Points)
 4-1 Is cube movement and slot size compatible? 
 4-2 Do you slot by product type, wight and crushability? 
 4-3 Is heavier products slotted before lightweight crushable products? 
5. Controlling Hours (Four Points For Each YES Answer- Note: Total 16 Points)
 5-1 Do you use a warehouse management system? 
 5-2 Do you know all things it can do? 
 5-3 Are you well trained in its use? 
 5-4 Can you plan daily work based on work to be accomplished today? 
6. Warehouse Management Packages (Four Points For Each YES Answer- Note: Total 20 Points)
 6-1 Do you use directed put a way 
 6-2 Do you use either scanning or voice pick to pick orders? 
 6-3 Do you scan items into reserve slots? 
 6-4 Does your sofy ware indicate when to refill a slot? 
 6-5 Can you use your software to plan and measure work performed? 
7. Sales Forecasting (Three Points For Each YES Answer- Note: Total 9 Points)
 7-1 Do you get a period/ monthly sales forecast? 
 7-2 Do you use the sales forcast to forecast your labor needs? 
 7-3 Do you convert sales forecast to weekly and/or daily work needs? 

NOTE: This is a self test. If you want to discuss your results, or have questions about the individual questions, you may contact us at:

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