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The Smartest Choice What makes Thomas M. Williams & Associates, Inc., your smartest choice for outside management consulting?

We actually put into practice our solutions for your company. Instead of simply developing proposals for our clients, we IMPLEMENT and monitor all agreed upon recommendations.

If your organization is not where you want it to be: call Thomas M. Williams & Associates, Inc., now. We are experts in the productivity business, and want to help you realize your profitability goals.  
Expert Answers Does this sound familiar?
Costs are rising and profits are falling. Problems need solving faster than you can get to them because cost reduction projects never seem to get done.

Then it may be time for outside consulting.
From analysis to implementation, Thomas M. Williams & Associates, Inc. sets the standard for management consulting in the food distribution industry.
Increased Profits, Reduced Costs Your profitability objectives become our objectives from the onset of your project.

Since 1979, we have proven our ability to meet client objectives in reducing operating cost and increasing effective utilization of labor, equipment, and facility resources.

As a matter of fact, our clients have typically reduced labor costs alone between 10-40% after implementing our proposals.

What We Do



logoThomas M. Williams & Associates, Inc. was established in 1979 and we have been working in this industry since our inception. We normally work with about 30 to 40 distributors each year. Many are repeat customers.

Our business is to provide improved profits to our grocery wholesale, food service, and convenience store distributor clients. We do this through installing improved layouts, efficient methods, work standards, and incentive programs.

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We can improve the layout of an existing building, or design one for an expansion or new building. Layouts are based on the methods that will be used to pick and load. Product is slotted using stacking properties and cubic feet movement. A variety of slot sizes are used to make sure there is a minimum of handling of product during the entire warehousing process.

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Once layout changes are completed and methods have been changed, standards are set to measure and track performance. Standards are also used to forecast future work loads, plan weekly and daily schedules and follow up on work problems encountered.

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Methods are developed that will allow the greatest "through-put" using the fewest hours. This means that product is handled efficiently throughout the receiving, stocking, picking, and loading processes.

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Finally, after standards have been proven accurate, both individual and group incentive programs are installed.

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